It is the responsibility of anyone visiting our stadium to only do so if they are confident that they are free of COVID-19. Anyone showing signs of the illness should follow the latest UK Government Guidance at
https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus and not attend the game.

Assuming you are safe to attend we would be most grateful if you could adhere to the following guidance:

1: Please arrive early as entry into the ground may be more delayed than usual.
2: We will be trialling a cashless admission system, however we recommend you bring cash for entry if for unforeseen reasons the system fails.
3: We will be capturing contact information to adhere with Track and Trace guidelines. Please support this by providing contact details at the Track & Trace Station (situated directly opposite the main turnstile). You can provide your details:
a. Electronically, by downloading the EvePass App at https://evepass.app/
b. Or by filling in the contact details form at the Track & Trace Station.
4: Please adhere to the signage and restrictions around the ground at all times
5:Please bring a mask for wearing in confined areas. We want to protect you and our volunteers
6: Please use the hand sanitisation provided around the ground
7:If you should feel ill with COVID-19 type symptoms, please have someone alert a Hertford Town FC Volunteer in the bar area immediately. We will then escort you to a quarantine area and seek immediate medical assistance.

Our primary concern is the health and safety of everyone that comes to our club. Your support in making sure the club is a safe environment for people to attend is greatly appreciated.
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